Eric Witham Brand Consultancy | Renovations Issue. No. 27

Renovations Issue. No. 27

Published in over 23 countries. We are the art directors and designers of this global publication.

Hotelier International, is a magazine created to inspire and inform hoteliers by showcasing the worlds BEST hotels. We aim to lead and enlighten through thought provoking articles and highlight the best in hotel accommodation around the world. We set very high design and art direction standards. Hotelier International magazine is deemed the best designed and informative magazine in this sector.

The magazine is published quarterly. We print over 200,000 copies and is distributed worldwide. The publication is a franchise business with international regions. The publication is managed from Stockholm, the editor is based in Barcelona, our writers are in New York, and all design is created in Glasgow.

A true global collaboration.

Readership:  200,000 (print)

Published:  Quarterly

Target Audience:  key purchasers, managers hotel and leisure 4/5 star

Tone:  Aspirational, authoritative

Distribution:  Global under licence