Eric Witham Brand Consultancy | Living The Dream Magazine

Living The Dream Magazine

The ultimate luxury lifestyle magazine for the affluent and discerning.

The magazine reflects and showcases the best in luxury living, from homes and travel, fashion and trends, motoring and boating, capturing all that’s aspirational and must-have for an exclusive, high net-worth readership.


Readership:  15,000 (print, plus additional online readers)

Published:  Quarterly

Target Audience:  High net worth individuals

Tone:  Aspirational, epitomising the best that money can buy

Distribution:  Estate agency, select mailing list, 5 star hotels worldwide


Key Successes:

• We implemented a shift change from a local to an international focus

• Distribution set up to include Russia and Dubai

• Creating a magazine that is truly a ‘coffee table’ publication

• Agency responsible for all budgetary control and risk

• Bringing on board key advertisers such as Harrods and Lamborghini

• Upgrading the editorial to include ‘A’ list stars

• Created an unique online advertisers directory through the website.